A Walk in the Park

Updated on Jul 13, 2010
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gold Forever 21 necklace - black gladiators American Eagle shoes
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inthenameoffashion 's Thoughts:

I absolutley love this navy blue Ralph Lauren blazer. I picked it up at my local Goodwill for just seven bucks. It’s a timeless piece that can be worn year round because it’s a tad thin and breezy.

Look 1: A Walk in the Park. I folded the sleeves on the blazer to make it casual. I paired the blazer with a pair of loose fitting denim shorts and a drapey brown tee. I used a thin chocolate brown belt to hone in that waist. I’m a fan of contrasting colors to make it fun, so I grabbed my electrifying yellow Arcadia handbag to make the navy blue pop. To polish it off I wore my gold elephant necklace and black American Eagle gladiators. This laid back look is perfect for a walk in the park or a smooth stroll down Oak street.

Look 2: Work Appropriate. I’m a strong believer in dressing professional and chic all at once. In this look I wanted to keep the jacket the focal point. So I kept the sleeves straight and I paired it with a pair of basic black pants. I wore silver swivel earrings which I got from a small designer, Lia Sophia and black peep toe pumps. I topped the whole look off with a simple black Coach hobo handbag and a red lip to bring attention to the face and to stand out at the office.

Look 3: Saturday Night Fever. I love love love this dress. It’s elegant, It’s flowey, and It’s fun. On top of that it was only seven dollars to me. And you would not believe where I got from. Walmart! Amazing right? But I must digress, the blazer goes great with this cream bow strapless dress. I pushed up the sleeves to give it that summer look. I wore the peeptoe pumps because they are chic and flirty. I brought everything together with a black veiled headband, thin pearl and geometric beads on the wrist, and a chunky beaded necklace, all courtesy of Forever 21. To make it extra special I wore my diamond earrings and diamond inspired clutch, it’s the great size for carrying the cell and cam, perfect for that night on the town.

Tips for Remixing the Wardrobe
1) Buy versatile pieces. If you buy clothes that can be flipped and flopped many ways, then you will be able to flip and flop them many ways. Buying pieces that can only be worn one way are a waste of money. That’s why this piece is perfect, because it has endless possibilities.
2) Get used to mixing and matching. Though looking at a piece on it’s own and you may say, “this is dressy,” or “this is casual,” depending on what you pair it with, it can be both. Blend soft fabrics like cotton and chiffon with rougher fabric like denim and wool, wear your clothes many different unique and unexpected ways. In look 3 I blended the soft fabric of the angelic dress with the roughness and structure of the blazer. Though they contrast, they come together very well.
3)Experiment. To succesfully remix your wardrobe you must go through some trial and error. But never become discouraged, the more you try, the more remixed outfits you will have. I must have tried over 10 different looks until I found the perfect 3.
4)Color therapy. Don’t limit yourslef to a few colors like grey, black, and brown. Bold colors really are in style this season and don’t let them intimidate you. If you wear clothes that have strong bright colors you are sure to stand out. But do not make the mistake of wearing vibrant colors all around, throw in a neutral. here and there to create the perfect balance. In look one I wore my huge, bright yellow bag with navy and brown, those colors toned the hanbag down very well.
5) Go vintage. Vintage pieces are versatile within themself. Since fashion goes in and out with styles from the 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s you can always mix pieces from those times with new, modern pieces. In all three of my looks I used new, modern pieces with this vintage navy blue blazer. When you mix today’s Fashion with fashion from the past it will never look outdated.
6) Have a creative eye. If you can easily look at something by itself and say “Hmm it would go good with this or that’” the better you will be at succesfully remixing your clothes. While remixing, use those authentic and quirky pieces that you could not find a place for before. Those especially unique pieces can top eveything off so well.
7) Keep it Simple Stupid. Though these tips may give you the drive to go out and wear a gorgeous black silk gown with neon green pumps and a denim jacket, DON’T. The rule of thumb in remixing your wardrobe is to never over think it. The simpler you go, the more dramatic the look will be.

Comments (12)

ANNAFRYS on July 28
love neclace
MelissaFFF on March 22
luv it my fav is the white dress w/ the blazer
jonamaria on September 26
Love the shorts!
laurelovesclothes on September 20
love all the looks!
MissCaswell on September 02
amazing blazer, it looks beautiful on you! I love how you show it in different looks, great Idea!
joliepetitefille on September 01
love your blazerrr!
jessicaleigh on July 22
that blazer is super cute, i love the double breasted detailing and it fits you like a dream!
hiahia on July 17
I looove the blazer!
hadelicious on July 15
Awesome combos!
wetigers on July 14
love that blazer!
mary1901 on July 14
ur blazer is hot if ull b my fan ill b urs
HollyAshley on July 13
WOW, i love your blazer! and such great stying!! <3333
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