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Updated on Nov 19, 2009
Urban Outfitters hat - Express sweater - vintage boots - shorts -
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secondskin 's Thoughts:

Today I am going thrifting and I am so freaking excited! I haven’t hit a few of my favorite shops for a few weeks, one of them for more than a month (!!!!) but it is absolutely imperative that I let them rest for a period of time, let the golden goose restore her minerals and whatnot. Yesterday though, I had a premonition. My instincts told me it was time. SOMETHING FANTASTIC that I have created in my mind (the perfect riding boots? a hooded cape? OH!! IT COULD BE ANYTHING!) has materialized in someone’s closet, become intolerable to them and has been delivered to the Salvation Army where it waits for my arrival. I will probably drive a little fast today. Not like crazy fast, just like 6 miles over the speed limit. My heart will race when I pull into the parking lot. I will walk in and quickly case the joint (don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about). My palms will sweat as I smile at the cashier who always greets me so sweetly as I grab my shopping cart. As I struggle to keep my breath from being embarrassingly audible, I will carefully scan the shoes and boots. Somewhere, my treasure will make its presence known then . . . LAAAAAAAAAAA (sparkling lights, angels, music, that crazy wiggle feeling I get in my soul when I find it, The exquisite texture!) This is why I have an etsy shop. For me its the HUNT. I may not even keep a single thing I find tomorrow (unless its, you know what) but it doesn’t matter. I will FIND amazing things.

Oh, and regarding my outfit, This is my attempt at grunge. I didn’t fully grasp it the first time around (then I was just a grungy teenager, not chicly grunge). The bottom photo is an example of where my comfort zone WAS before I began challenging myself to branch out. I FIND so many beautiful things! I may as well start wearing them! Like these boots! Gosh darnit right!!

Comments (19)

AndreaAcuna on November 24
you are so cute and funny! totally adding you as a fav
Wandiola101 on November 23
the boots are so cool. and so is the outfit!
thats_so_audrey on November 20
love it all, especially the tights and blouse. and now that i think about it, you look familiar to me too.
secondskin on November 20
Ya, and is your name Brit, like short for Brittany or something? That even seems right. We will figure this thing out.
secondskin on November 20
Thank you all so much for your comments! All this encouragement really makes me think I may have nailed grunge this time around!
BadTasteToast on November 20
cute cuuute hat!!
RosaB on November 20
love the tights!!!
Style_Journey on November 20
aww, you're adorable as your outfit!!! :XX gorgeous mix and floral vibe!! love it so much@
SarahJaneR on November 19
love the colored tights with the denim shorts, i was thinking of trying that myself actually :) love the necklace and shirt too. cute hat. i love when i find a great item thrift shopping, it makes me proud :)
selectivepotential on November 19
This is such a cute outfit. Love those tights! :D
NickieSIXX on November 19
I'm digging your attempt at grunge, I too have been pondering trying it out for myself (a 2nd time--although I'm convinced I can do it so much better rather than when I was 17). Goodluck at the thrift stores--may the shopping gods be on your side! :)
secondskin on November 20
Thank you so much for the luck! It actually turned out Great!
shoppher on November 19
fun colors and patterns. I had this same thrifting experience this past weekend. I hadn't been in awhile but was so thrilled for the hunt, the possibilities. I've added you as a friend.
Etceteravs on November 19
oh beautiful combination! loved the colors so much!
Leproust on November 19
Your necklace is incredible! I hope that you have a wonderful time thrifting today! I can't wait to see what you find! :)
CourtneyElizabeth on November 19
Awesome boots! They're such a cool color.
benzerj on November 19
you are so adorable! i love the shoes and the shirt!
love_vintage on November 19
I love the shoes and hat!! and I love your blog on this photo!! I can totally agree with you about shopping and fabulous finds :) my vote
allllure on November 19
Love the colours - adore the boooties especially.
aCullen on November 19
your shoes are amazing!
BethanyD on November 19
Love the top and tights!
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