Denim On Denim ft. The Label Life

Updated on Dec 21, 2016
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sohini_kalyana 's Thoughts:

I’m a denim kinda gal, and always have been. Ever since I could remember, I was fascinated with this fabric. My first “adult clothing purchase” when I was 12 was a pair of low rise, glamorous (or so I thought) studded bell bottom jeans from Forever21. They fit like a dream, I could pair them with anything and everything knowing they would always look great, and they could be worn in the summer or the dead of winter in the snow. They were my go to for all occasions, and that’s when I knew denim and I would become very, very good friends in this life.

Needless to say my love affair with this timeless, versatile material continued into adulthood. I started collecting jeans like it was my job, then I moved on to denim shorts, jackets, tops, skirts… you get the idea. One whole section in my wardrobe is currently dedicated to denim, and when I don’t know what to wear, I throw on a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt and basically feel womanly and sexy and comfortable and like myself in every way. It’s glorious, what a good pair of jeans can do you for you.

Denim isn’t just for jeans and shorts though, it’s a durable, beautiful material that looks amazing for all kinds of pieces. So when The Label Life (one of my fave everyday brands) and I decided to do a 3 part fall inspired fashion story, I knew denim had to be the star. And denim on denim would be the first style I covered, something I wear all the freakin’ time (it’s like a blank canvas begging for your own personal touch). This is an easy look to achieve if you keep a few things in mind, and I’ve decoded it all just for you!

The off-shoulder cut is super on trend, as we all know, but mix it with indigo blue denim like this top from The Clothing Label and you elevate it to serious style star status. I love the raw, frayed edges on the neckline and sleeves, which adds an industrial, edgy vibe to an otherwise simple top. I’ve paired it with jeans in a classic, clean wash as something super distressed/faded/ripped up would be too clashy and distracting. Keeping the denim clean allows you to then add any kind of shoes or accessories you want, and make the look casual or formal based on your needs. My accents are neutral, with a pair of woven flatform shoes in a lovely dusty olive brown tone, a simple neck scarf in blue & green shades and one of my favourite fall makeup trends; the matte coffee coloured lip (OBSESSED).

This is a perfect look to try for daytime when the weather starts cooling down, and the brown lips add a glamorous touch without being over the top. Stay tuned for Part II of my denim story in collaboration with The Label Life, coming to the blog next week! In the mean time, you can shop this top exclusively on their website here

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